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  • Hanna Rose Tumbusch

"GLAM"ping - Airstream Treehouse Style

Meet our Airstream Treehouse, where stunning nature meets modern luxury. If you're like me, and you love the concept of camping but would prefer not to sacrifice all of the amenities, then you are not going to want to miss this find! This is not any average camping trip, this right here is what you call "GLAM"ping.

In just an easy drive northeast of Columbus, we found ourselves immersed in the beautiful, rolling resort known as "The Mohicans" - a destination where, as I described above, you can strike a perfect balance between contemporary and tranquil. In fact, you may be familiar with one of the designers of these grand cabins. Have you ever found yourself on Discovery Channel watching gorgeous tree-houses like this be designed? Well, Pete Nelson, the star of Discovery Channel's hit series 'Treehouse Masters', even designed some of The Mohican's tree-houses which have been featured on the show!

One of the newest additions to The Mohicans, is the Airstream "GLAM"per that I just showed you inside!

This Airstream is situated 25 feet above ground, where the view is impeccable. Some features include, but are not limited to, a steamer shower, a retro interior, an outdoor shower and a wrap around balcony. In addition, the house has an attached swing and a fire pit to cook food and enjoy some s'mores. Each treehouse reinforces the notion of a modern getaway destination. The houses were carefully constructed so as to consider each visitor, as evidenced by the diverse features that I shared.

And, do you want to know something even more exciting? For any of you looking to plan a wedding, The Mohicans also hosts weddings in their Grand Barn: a rustic and beautiful venue overlooking gorgeous and elevated hillside views. Then, your friends and family can rent out the many unique tree-houses for their stay. I don't know about you, but that sounds like the a unique and fun wedding!

Want to check out the inside of several more tree-houses? See a sneak peek below, or head to to learn even more about each!



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