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  • Hanna Rose Tumbusch

Landoll's Mohican Castle - A Majestic and Luxurious Stay in Ohio

Landoll's Mohican Castle

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let your hair down!! I may not be Rapunzel, but I'm Hanna and I'm about to serve as your tour guide of this illustrious castle. So excuse me Gothel, while I show our guests around (lol I had to).

The moment I pulled up to Landoll's Castle I felt like I was living the life of Rapunzel, where I could let down my (extensions) hair from the balconies and capture the moment. The entire property was such a dream: starting with the spiral staircases, to the Medieval architecture and the magical, yet tranquil, appeal of this one-of-a-kind stay.

Let's check it out!

Front of Landoll's Castle

When I found out about Landoll's Castle being right here in OHIO, I wasn't sure if that was true. As you can see, this luxurious castle looks as if it is straight out of the movie Tangled, or from the Middle Ages. This Ohio Castle has 11 suites, so I will provide you with a glimpse of this pristine structure. To keep it simple, I will detail the Lawrence Suite as I can provide first hand testimony as to what you can expect as a visitor.

Lawrence Suite - Living Room
Lawrence Suite - Kitchen

When entering into the Lawrence Suite, you will see they did a commendable job encompassing the medieval charm while offering everything you would need for a stay full of rest and relaxation. My mother and I enjoyed red wine by the fire and took advantage of the kitchenette to make popcorn (yes, popcorn is my mom's snack of choice) and enjoy movies in this elegant bedroom.

Look closely and you'll see lion head brackets among the cherry beams, 20-foot cathedral ceilings, a custom crafted chandelier, and the floor to ceiling fireplace which is a focal point in both the living room and the bedroom of this suite.

Lawrence Suite - Bedroom
Lawrence Suite - Bathroom

The bedroom is made for a KING and a QUEEN with it's huge king-sized bed among a hand carved headboard to make you feel like royalty during your stay. And, if you thought it couldn't get any better, just wait until you check out the bathroom. Feet cold after getting out of your warm, jacuzzi bath? That's not a problem when you have heated, Italian tiled floors (which begs the question: how do I have that installed in my apartment?).

Landoll's Castle Outdoor Fountain

The elegance doesn't just end in the suites or the exterior of the castle, but persists throughout the entire property. The outside perimeter is surrounded by waterfalls and small coves. Each of which is perfect for reading a book and enjoying the sounds of the nature. The aesthetics are endless.

Each suite is uniquely its own, and you'll see below another entrance to one of the suites in Landoll's Castle. Whether you're someone looking for a bird's-eye view in their Landoll & Miller Suite, situated over 50 feet above ground, or looking for a romantic getaway in the Ross or Gale Suite, I can assure you there is a suite to suit your preferences.

To checkout all of their suites, click HERE.

Landoll's Castle - Suite

As always, I always love when you all share with me when you're staying! So send me a message or a DM on Instagram; I cannot wait to hear all about your stay! Also, don't forget to mention that Runway & Rosé sent you ♡.



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