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  • Hanna Rose Tumbusch

Cleveland Weekend Vacay - Home to the Browns, Cavs, Indians, and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

In the heart of the Gordon Square Arts District, just minutes from the heart of downtown Cleveland, I found myself in a pristine boho getaway. Built in the early 1900's, this home juxtaposes history and modernity with its updated chic furniture, bold pops of color in each room, and mix of beautiful textures and natural elements throughout.

Welcome to The Cleveland House - my name is Hanna, and I'll be your tour guide; so let's get started!

Living Room

The historic charm of the neighborhood is emblematic in the home through the carefully crafted design of the interior and exterior. You'll be greeted under ambient porch lights, where you can enjoy a morning cup of coffee or a nighttime refreshing cocktail. This home is made for the whole family or your entire group of friends. From the very open concept of the living room to the modern vibes in the dining room and kitchen, you'll have plenty of space to entertain. The bright pops of color, many textures, and one-of-a-kind art pieces in this living room truly capture a boho dream.

This open concept is demonstrated in the layout of the dining room, as well as the bar, which can seat up to ten people - perfect for both carryout and home cooking. The owners have the kitchen stocked with a full assortment of cooking items. Conversely, if you want to relax for the night, I would urge you to check out the local breweries and restaurants, and by morning checking out local shops like Brewnuts - a delicious donut treat. You won't regret the quick walk around the corner, and, if you're like me you may just stop back for fresh donuts each morning of your stay.

Downstairs Bathroom

Finishing off the first story is this lavishly decorated bathroom, which already has me planning on how I can revamp my own bathroom when I get back home. The black and gold accents amongst this gorgeous wallflower background are truly ravishing.

If you plan to stay for awhile, there is laundry on-site for you to keep your clothes sufficiently clean. I'm someone who loves to have clean clothes returning home, so if you're like me this was a definite win!

One of Three Bedrooms

Traversing to the second level, you'll be amongst three quite large bedrooms, a loft space with a day bed, and two additional bathrooms. Now how many of you are picky about how comfortable the beds will be, and you're secretly searching through all of the reviews to be in the know? I am one of those people, so don't be ashamed! And to say these beds along with the bedding were comfortable would be a criminal understatement. All of the bedrooms have the most comfortable beds that will have you never wanting to return to your own (or may even cause you to purchase a new one on the drive home, lol).

Lounging Area in Second of Three Bedrooms

Each of the bedrooms has a sitting area unique to its room, of which this was my absolute favorite. As an avid reader (or at least attempting to be), it was such a nice addition to be able to wake up, enjoy my homemade cup of coffee, and read my book overlooking the quaint neighborhood the home is nestled in.

Third of Three Bedrooms

The fun pops of color, varying textures, and bold walls don't stop on the first level, but continue onto the second story rooms as well. Each room holds its own character varying from one room to the next. Cloaked in a radiant tapestry and refreshing indoor plants, the bedroom's rich and vibrant colors immerse the room. As you can tell, I could barely contain my grin as I gazed upon the animating layout.

Daybed & Sitting Area

The fun doesn't stop just inside this chic Airbnb; its proximity is second to none. The Cleveland House is immersed in the heart of it all - a short walk to Edgewater beach to overlook the city skyline, or a short drive to The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Browns, Cavaliers, or Indians, there is fun for all!

Cleveland Skyline

Until next time, Cleveland!



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