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You and Me Under the Sea - A Baby Shower for the Mommy & Daddy to Be

As Sebastian said: "We've got no troubles. Life in the Bubbles. Under the Sea!" Head under the sea with me to celebrate this mommy and daddy to be!

The venue is comfortably located in German Village (above sea level of course) - a gorgeous and a culturally renown neighborhood of Columbus - where parking is free and convenient for all guests. In my case, I was able to host my sister's baby shower at this unique and festive location.

Flat 51 was an incredibly charming and well lit venue that provided a warm and welcoming environment for the forty guests at the shower. Namely, all of the cute and modern furniture you see pictured was (and is) provided by the location. The exposed brick, hanging lights, plants, and cute furniture all contribute to the contemporary appearance.

Upon entering the venue, a mural wall, full of bright colors, is there to welcome guests entering the main area. Here, you will be greeted with white, exposed, brick walls entirely filled with windows looking over German Village. The all white theme of the venue makes it so easy to decorate for any theme, or, depending on your preference, leave as is.

Now, let's discuss all of the decor, including the ballon arch that you will see pictured below; each of piece substantially contributed to the final product.

No shower of praise can sufficiently express how I felt about working alongside the two owners of Shop Celebrated. Our relationship began with me sending them endless Pinterest boards full of ideas for the Under the Sea theme. The owners turned these baby shower ideas into an amazing reality! Moreover, they make the process absolutely seamless by building decorations to fit the event's vision and theme; their work reassures you that some of the foundational pieces will be prepared for event day. Also, let's be honest: putting together the 12-foot balloon garland would have taken me hours alone, so I let the experts take the wheel.

Code: Runwayrose15 for 15% off any order minimum $500.00.

In the past year, if you have seen any of my social media posts with large, immaculate cakes, then you are aware of the masterpieces (literally) that Coty Beth Cake Design can create for virtually any event - the following is simply one example. Coty knows just how to turn your cake dreams into a delicious reality; even if you are consuming it under the sea (okay, I may be speaking figuratively there). Below is a two-tiered cake: half funfetti and half raspberry cake with cute buttercream sculpted creatures.

Charcuterie: MF Charcuterie

If you want something that will not only WOW your guests but also be the star of the event (at 6 feet long and full of so many delicious treats, it is difficult to miss) then you need to check out MF Charcuterie. We all know that feeling of wanting to create a standout charcuterie board, but what about when you don't know where to start? Well, these ladies find and create the perfect charcuterie board with a broad array delicious choices. If only everything were that easy!

As a final touch, we added several other small treats for the Under the Sea theme for our guests.

We can't wait to SEA baby Link! Sending you my mermaid kisses and starfish wishes, and wishing you all the very best for your baby shower planning!

Make sure to share this with any mommy & daddy to-be's ♡!


Hanna Rose


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