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#StayHappy in Downtown Denver - The Curtis Hotel

Remove yourself from the ordinary and step into an innovative and retro masterpiece of Denver, The Curtis Hotel. This downtown boutique hotel is anything but ordinary, and makes for the most fun experience from the lobby to your themed room. Let's checkout Denver's #StayHappy Hotel, and make sure you're ready for some unexpected surprises along the way beginning with the lobby!

You can also follow along with my IG highlights reel of a full recap. Just click HERE.

The pictured indoor pool and drive-in movie theater themed lobbies welcome you to this #StayHappy experience with a feel good vibe. The Curtis Hotel's lobby is one where you'll find yourself taking a selfie as every square inch is so retro-chic, instagramable, and unique in it's own way. The Curtis is located in the heart of downtown and just two blocks from essential visitor destinations such as the 16th street mall and the Colorado State Capitol; however, the extravagantly themed lobbies and rooms may keep you mesmerized enough to never leave your room.

With thirteen hyper themed rooms (individually eccentric one for each level of the hotel), I found myself being a kid again in the Fun & Games suite. GAME OVER; this has to be the most unique room I've stayed in to date! What kid (or adult, let's be honest) doesn't love their own Donkey Kong arcade machine and a room full of endless board games?!

Each of the thirteen hyper-themed rooms are unique and catered to just about any visitor's taste. Additionally, for a scary surprise, hop on the elevator and get off on the thirteenth floor....or if you're too scared, make sure you don't let the elevator close behind you.

You can crush the games in the Fun & Games Suite, create a character in Talladega Nights (or Star Trek), or even bust a move in your own disco pad Suite - there's truly something personalized for everyone!

So whether it's watching a throwback movie in the drive-in themed lobby or capturing the only "skiing" photo you took while in Denver (because if you're anything like me you're too cold to actually go skiing), I can assure you that you'll have the most fun and memorable experience. Add it to your bucket list now!

Now while you're in the Denver area, that is if you can force yourself to leave the hotel (lol), I'm sharing with you some of my favorite restaurants and experiences in the area!


If you thought the fun selfie experiences ended at the hotel, think again! Just a short two blocks from the hotel you'll find yourself immersed in SELFIE LAND with endless Instagramable backdrops for you to literally do just that - take selfies for the 'gram'! Just bring your camera or phone, and get ready to capture the cutest photos! There's over twenty-five themed rooms, from crazy bananas to the mirrored room below and so many more!


The #StayHappy experience continues at Happy Camper, which has been one of my favorite brunch spots in Chicago for the longest time; so naturally, when I saw their location in Denver, I had to check it out! The vibe is truly unlike any other no matter what time of year it is. You'll find fun surprises like trailers and happy vibes all throughout. I highly recommend the Chicken & Waffles and Hangover Coffee!

As they say: "Don't worry, eat happy!"

Afternoon Treat:

We all deserve an afternoon treat; you're on vacation so you have to (in my opinion, lol). Checkout this vintage Soda Shoppe known for their homemade ice-creams. This old fashioned shoppe with a modern twist was so delectable! I got two scoops (one is never enough, am I right), the raspberry chocolate chip on the bottom and cranberry cointreau (a liqueur sorbet) on the top - yum! Trey got the chocolate chocolate chip and s'mores, so if you're a chocolate lover like he is, you are in for a delicious in point: he ate the top off before the picture was taken.


After devouring Sherry's I found that the same owners also managed an Italian Specialties Market, so naturally I had to check it out! I ordered carryout, and was in love with the old time diner theme! I got the Penne Prosciutto Ala Vodka, and was blown away! When I say this is the best Italian I have had in quite some time...believe me! I enjoyed the night while eating Lou's Italian in my hotel room catching up on Christmas movies on Netflix. Now that's a perfect, and rather delicious, night to me!

If you love a restaurant that not only has amazing food but also is full of experiences, you're going to want to check out Ace Eat Serve. From the igloo's you can eat in during winter, to the ping pong tables you can game on between meals and drinks, you're in for a treat! We took advantage of the oversized outdoor patio full of fire pits on a turf grass which made for such a fun vibe. On Wednesday's, when we went, they run an amazing wings & whiskey deal for $5 each. So, it was a night full of many mouth watering tiger wings and old fashioned's. I highly recommend topping it off with the Brussels Sprouts & Shishitos app and ending with some Bao Donuts. Checkout my IG story highlights for a full recap!

Denver, you really are so cool! I had so much fun I am splitting my stay in two parts; stay tuned for PART TWO of the Denver Blog coming soon!

Catch you again soon in the Mile High City!


Hanna Rose


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