Gifting for Your Guy - For Father's Day, Birthday Gifts, or Any Special Occasion

If you're anything like me, you may struggle to find the perfect gift for Father's Day, their birthday, or any other special occasion. You're tired of gifting him predictable items such as a tie, socks, or more shirts to add to his closet. Although each of these items possesses practical use, I find them quite boring. With that said, I am compelled to break this common gifter's block with some fun ideas he likely hasn't considered (and won't be expecting). We all want to get him something he loves, but it can be such a challenge. To address this challenge, I have compiled a list of items which have successfully ended the usual predicament - so let's get started!

How many of you find the man in your life scrambling around with so many different chargers plugged in all the time, or they frequently lose their phone charger...their headphones charger...their watch get the point, lol. Point is, many of us know individuals who could consolidate their electronic devices to simplify their life, and they just don't even know it yet. To resolve this problem, one of the gifts I got my boyfriend - who certainly fits the description above - was a 3-in-1 Charger for his phone, digital watch and headphones. While he is typically hesitant to get on board with a new device, he now openly admits that the charger is a LIFE (and time) SAVER! Instead of your man trying to keep track of his endless chargers, this elegant product provides an easy way to keep them all in one place - and is even customizable. Your man needs this - believe me! I even had to buy myself one because I was quickly envious of the unparalleled convenience! Bye-bye chargers all over the place, am I right?

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Now if you're like me, when you have company over, you're frantically searching through your cabinets for some plastic cups or mismatched glasses to offer for those wanting a glass of whiskey or wine. If a man in your life is a whiskey lover, he is going to appreciate this find! The great thing about these whiskey glasses is that the seller caters to you to cultivate your vision into the perfect gift: as such, I told her how my boyfriend and dad love sports, and she went above and beyond in capturing such a classy, personalized gift for them both - hence, the Buckeyes, Bengals and Browns glasses! It will serve as the perfect addition to their "man-cave", bar-cart, or just a great addition to the cabinets for any likeminded guests.

And, even if your man is not a whiskey drinker, they also sell personalized beer mugs and glass coffee mugs, too! Personalize them as you wish to make them one-of-a-kind for your man!

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If the man in your life is someone who balances their time between work and exercise - and they have an apple watch - these affordable watch bands are such a great gift! Give your man's watch band a quick probably is just as worn out as their wallet, and they will hate to admit it. Do them, and yourself, a favor and pick these up! I purchased both the leather and sport band for my boyfriend as the contrast allows him to swiftly transition between the gym and work meetings - and they are far more affordable than the ones you will find at the Apple Store.

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For some other unique, personalized, and easy gifts to top off your gift:

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