Tells More than Time : Wooden Watch Trend

For me, watches have always been a primary source of timekeeping. Therefore, after having a smart phone, I never found as strong of a use for them.

However, I always look for unique ways to dress up an outfit, and create a "timeless" look. When I came across this unique wooden watch, I couldn't help but think how unique it was and it stood out from the stereotypical watch face I was used to seeing. Its particularly unique look and sleek face provided me with just that. The wood lends itself to a very classic, and elegant timepiece that you can either dress up or even wear on the go.

I am always looking at how I can make my accessories versatile for every part of my life, and this wooden watch does exactly that! I love mine SO, so much that I teamed up with JORD Watches to give one of you lucky ladies your own, and I could not be any more excited. The craftsmanship and value is truly one of a kind.

As a black clothing connoisseur, I selected the Cassia in Ebony & Sable, because of my need for two things: 1) an accessory to compliment my many looks 2) a black piece with the elegance and adaptability to stand out on its own - to which this piece does quite well. On top of that, this watch is perfect to brunch in my leopard print midi-dress, to run errands in my black leggings and tank top, to shopping in my jeans and a white tee.

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