Get to Know Hanna
Can you guess what my favorite color is_

Hi! I'm Hanna, a 25 year-old Fashion and Business graduate of The Ohio State University. Born in a small town (a village to be exact), my hometown of St. Henry has a total of only two traffic lights and consists of more farm animals than there are people. However, you will never find a community more welcoming and supportive! 

My fashion style has morphed and transformed over the years but there are several staples I live for: sheer fabrics, velvet, show-stopping accessories, and a great pair of shoes!

So, feel free to drop on in, girl! Grab your favorite bottle of rosé and let's share why we amour fashion.

Runway and Rosé is a celebration of my love and passion for fashion and travel, and I am so exited to share my runway finds with you!

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